Yukik One Starter Edition (Discounted)

YuKik One Full Kit – Starter Edition

The YuKik One sensor, the strap to wear it as a watch and the sleeve to carry it on the leg during your exercises. Live the YuKik experience with this full Kit that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the YuKik solution, including the analysis of your daily health data and the very accurate measurement of your athletic and football performance.



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The YuKik One Full Kit contains the following items:

  • The YuKik One performance sensor
  • The strap
  • The calf sleeves (one for adults and one for children)
  • The dock station
  • The Lightning adapter

Yukik One

Your companion on and off the field

YuKik follow you every day in your daily life and not only during a match or training. As a watch, it allows you to analyze your daily activities (walk, rest times, heartbeat…), to measure your level of fatigue and thus prevent injuries. YuKik pays first-class attention to data protection and privacy in compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) standards. Design and comfortable, the YuKik smartwatch is an everyday partner.


YuKik will help you achieve your goals providing relevant information through a unique football mode!

  • On the wrist, it’s a watch and a way to analyze your daily activity. Heartbeat, number of steps and rest times are measured and recorded.
  • But it’s when you play football that the magic happens. The watch turns into a real motion sensor. Once inserted into the sleeve and worn at the calf, it measures very precisely your athletic and football performance with a high accuracy.


  • Monitoring of rest periods
  • Pedometer
  • Heart rate history
  • Stopwatch
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Bluetooth
  • Detachable and lightweight sensor
  • Application for iOS and Android with limited access to 1 year of history (can be unlocked by upgrading to a premium account)

Ratings & Comments

4.8 / 5

Very good and precise!

My son has been progressing since the acquisition, repeating and trying harder every day. Proud of the French concept!

Sadi A.


Mon père m’a offert le kit YuKik One pour que je puisse savoir quelle distance je parcourais et combien de tirs je faisais lors d’un entrainement ou d’un match. Je peux maintenant le voir et le partager avec ma famille.


Promesses tenues

J’ai rencontré l’équipe Yukik lors d’une session de test dans un Futsal et bien sûr j’ai de suite adhéré au concept et j’ai participé à la campagne pour être dans les premiers testeurs.
C’est plus que prometteur et l’équipe est à l’écoute des retours.


Très bon produit, appli bien pensée, je recommande à 100%

J’ai découvert YuKik lors de la campagne Ulule et j’ai de suite soutenu le projet pour pouvoir tester la solution en avance. Le résultat est au niveau de mes attentes ! Le capteur est sobre et efficace et l’application propre et claire.
Merci à l’équipe Yukik.

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