Birth of
an ideal

The Story

A meeting that turned into a Friendship

YuKik is above all a story of friendships. At the beginning, Hassan KOULOUH and Samy REGUIEG met on the benches of the HEC business school, where they talked about their frustration of not having objective criteria to evaluate an amateur team sports player. And this while for individual sports, a very large majority of players have been using reliable solutions for several years. The idea came to them to adapt the tools of professional players for the general public. With Sébastien LECOCQ, whom they met a few years ago, they completed the required trio of skills to turn this idea into a real solution : YuKik …

The Launch

Created in the spring of 2019, YuKik and all its collaborators are focused on bringing the original idea of this adventure to life with the highest level of service quality, both on hardware and software aspects and also support. YuKik’s vision is to bring analysis tools to the general public through a connected device. This data can be useful for athletes, parents and also coaches, clubs and federations.

Hassan KOULOUH, eMBA HEC Paris graduate

“I have been playing soccer since I was 6 years old and also running for 20 years. I decided to use my professional skills to support my passion for soccer. I have helped develop several ECUs for automotive applications using MEMS and IMU sensors similar to what is used in the connected device that powers the Yukik solution. From this work experience came the idea for Yukik.”

Samy REGUIEG, eMBA HEC Paris graduate

“I am passionate about sports: judo, running and basketball that I practiced for several years. With an experience of more than 15 years in IT, I was able to hold the position of General Manager France of a data protection software company for more than 8 years. On the sidelines, I slowly matured this innovation until I met Hassan. Together, we are passionate about Yukik and we want to bring the passion of soccer to a large audience.”

Sébastien LECOCQ, IT engineer

“As an amateur athlete and engineer passionate about new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT, I met Samy nearly ten years ago and thanks to this collaboration and the common values we share, I joined the YuKik adventure with great pleasure. Always curious to see how technology can help us push our limits, it’s in accordance with this principle applied in the field of soccer, that I share YuKik’s vision and DNA.”

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